Networking event: #MigranTech June 19-20


We are very happy to invite you to a new networking event, this time on the topic: #MigranTech – technology and digital services by, with and for migrants. The networking two day event will be in Kista Library – in conjunction with World Refugee Day – and will be organized in cooperation between the Expert Network for Digital Library Services and the Expert Network for Library Services for Multilingualism and New Migrants .

The network event is an integrated part of  Welcome Refugee Days, a four day long event in celebrated in Kista Library and Kungsträdgården.

#MigranTech Main Tracks:
– Glass Room / Data Detox (Digital Security & Privacy)
– MigranTech Apps Expo (Apps by and for migrants)
– Maker Party (Digital Creativity & Copyright)



12.00-13.00 Lunch at the Kista Galleria Food Court . Meeting point (11.45): The Info Desk, Kista Library

13.00-14.00 Guided Tour of the exhibitions:
#IdeasBox – A pop-up library / media station for refugee camps and other vulnerable areas. Location: The lounge
#Maker Party (Digital Creativity & Copyright) Location: The Lounge
#The Garden Library / Visualisation Database Digital Art works and interactive experiments by Romy Achituv, relating to the migrant library ”Garden Library” in Tel Aviv. Location: Gula Villan
#GlassRoom #DataDetox – an exhibition and helpdesk for digital security and privacy. Location: The Lounge
#MigranTech Apps Expo – Tech and Digital Services – by, with and for migrants. Location: Språkstudion.
#On the Road – Unaccompanied Youth
A Stockholm Town Museum exhibition  depicting the relationship to staff and residents, joys and difficulties are depicted and what happens when you move to another place.
#Film nonstop: My friend Iliad
Plats: Konstpassagen

14.00-17.00 Presentations:

Help yourself to coffee & fika all afternoon.

14.00 The Garden Library & Visualization Database.
Presenter: Romy Achituv, an Israeli digital artist and co-founder of The Garden Library , a pop-up library for migrants in Tel Aviv.
Initiator of The Garden Library Vizualization Database Project , which visualizes borrowers’ reading experiences in colors.
About Romy:

14.45 Glass Room & Data Detox
Presenter: Alistair Alexander, Tactical Technology Collective, Berlin.
Glass Room is a place for reflection, experimentation and play, how we live our lives online and how we can take control of our data and protect us from tracking and monitoring. Read more..
About Alistair:

15.30 Techfugees
Presenter: Ghassan Amayra
Techfugees is a social enterprise mobilising the international tech community to respond to the refugee situation. Techfugees organises conferences, workshops and hackathons around the world in an effort to supply a pool of tech solutions and tech talent to NGOs working with refugees, and refugees themselves:
Read more:

15.50 Demo: Språkkraft – Empower New Swedes
Niss-Jonas Carlsson demoing apps developed by Språkkraft:
Reading Coach, Språkplay and Språkchat.

16.00 Kista Mentorspace
Presenter: Mark Smith, KTH
Kista Mentorspace is an environment that, inspired by the maker movement, uses knowledge sharing between individuals from different groups to achieve goals in education, business and social development.

16.15 Maker Party – digital creativity & copyright
Presenter: Karolina Andersdotter, Librarian and Digital Humanist. Has worked on copyright issues for IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)

16.30 ”Migration and how libraries can be a cultural and social answer, both physically and digitally” – The Malmö example”
Presenter: Torbjörn Nilsson, City Librarian, Malmö City Library

16.45 Leadership in an intercultural digitized society
Presenter: Katti Hoflin: City Librarian, Stockholm City Library


17.00 EXIL – Fleeing Poets
The app and migration drama EXIL allow participants to meet exiled poet’s texts about freedom. ”EXIL is produced by RATS Theater.

Location: Collection in the Lounge, the interactive walking drama happening inside Kista Galleria. Reunion in the lounge at 6 pm.

18.15 Discover the library and the exhibitions on your own. Go for a walk in the mall. Or have a rest at your hotel.

20.00 #Migrantech Mingle at Victoria Tower Sky Bar
We’ll meet 19.45 in the Lounge, Kista Library, and walk together to the Victoria Tower.


International Refugee Day – Open Space
Theme: Library work for refugees – focus on technology, migration, multilingualism.
Invited players: Swedish Library Association, writers, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, other cultural institutions.

Time table:
10.00-12.00 Introduction, presentation group division
12.00-13.00 Lunch on your own
13.00-16.00 Conversation and workshop in smaller groups including presentations.
17.00-18.00 Panel discussion – World Refugee Day

Find your way 
Kista library


Sign up before 2 June 2017 via this link:

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Expert Network for Digital Library Services
Contact: Åke Nygren and David Jonsson

Expert Network for Library Services for Multilingualism and New Migrants
Contact: Cecilia Herdenstam and Alireza Afshari